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There is a lot of good writing out there for your enjoyment; both in book form, and other media. Here is some information on some of my recent publications, with links if you’d like to make a purchase! They’re usually available as either digital or paperback editions. Happy reading!

Locked Down Love is a selection of quietly insightful poems, spoken songs, as Lucy calls them, about love and relationships, beginnings, middles, sometimes endings. Gentle, sensitive words describe the story of how our lives and loves progress, our responses in joy, and sometimes pain. Some will make you smile, some may make you weep; often they will strike a chord in your own memory. Telling of experiences and feelings common to us all at some time in our lives, they not only entertain, but also enrich us with their ethereal beauty. As we presently deal with the problematic state of being ‘locked down’ during the Covid 19 crisis, give yourself, or a loved one, the gift of love as you relax into the wonderfully evocative world of ‘Locked Down Love’.

Available HERE


‘And Yet Another Kiss’ – the title and first story inspired by the dying wish of Otello in Verdi’s opera of the same name – is a collection of fifteen short stories with the theme of ghosts and strange happenings. Some are tales of ghosts returning for revenge on the living; and sometimes of the living taking revenge on ghosts. Some stories are humorous and will make you smile; others have a wistful air and may well bring tears to your eyes. There are demons and demonic dogs, and even a ghostly rabbit. And a disembodied hand, which has a somewhat problematic influence on one young man.

Altogether, this is an entertaining, and at times thought provoking collection of stories. Stories you will remember, and which may cause you to look out of the corners of your eyes at the usual, every-day things about us, and wonder – are they all really exactly as they seem? What if something more, something different, something else, lies behind outward appearances, waiting for the moment when it can slink out of the shadows, into the daylight world

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