Hello from me, Lucy

I live in a Yorkshire village with my lovely partner and our little menagerie of 2 border collies, 5 cats, 2 guinea pigs – we call them the ‘little pigs’ – and a shoal of fish who live in one corner of the living room.

 I’m an ex PE teacher and in addition to my writing these days, I enjoy reading, cooking, walking with my dogs, the company of family and friends when possible, playing my piano – badly – learning Italian – badly! -drinking tea, and eating far too much chocolate – although I’m not really sure that it is possible to eat too much chocolate! 

I have written both poetry and fiction for much of my life. My love of the written word began with my mum sitting me and my sister on the settee at home and reading to us from a very early age; as a result of which we could both read for ourselves well before we began at school. Later on, I had a wonderful English teacher who further stimulated my love of classical literature, and my further studies of ancient history at university got me into the ancient authors too.

I always remember the first real story ‘wot I wrote’. It was at junior school – as they were called in those distant days of my youth. It was a kind of ‘Rider-Haggard’ adventure set in South America. My teacher returned it to me marked ‘Very good; but a group of people can’t really all feel only one spear in their backs!’ I’ve tried never to make the same mistake again.

I write most of my poetry when I’m in love, or inspired by the wonders of the natural world. I see something which makes my heart feel full and my eyes brim with tears; it kind of comes to me as I walk or do whatever I’m doing. Then I have to quickly sit down and write the general form down as soon as I can, before it gets lost! After that, comes the time of editing to get the raw emotion of the experience into something tidier and more readily communicable to others.

Or sometimes it’s different. Sometimes the sight just tells me there’s a title for a poem or story there, and then I have to write what the title suggests to me. All kind of strange really. I can’t say I usually sit down and plan anything. I don’t think ‘I’d like to write a story or a poem about such and such’. Fortunately, inspiration is seldom far away. I get out of bed in the morning, and the world is just such a wonderful, inspiring place.

 I’ve entered a number of competitions, for both my poetry and fiction, over the years. Won some, got placed in some, thought what terrible judging in some! But not really published anything much until recently. With the encouragement of my partner and friends, I recently published a collection of my poetry, ‘Locked Down Love’, chronicling some of the loves and losses of my life, and published during the difficult times of 2020. I’ve just published a collection of ghost stories, called ‘And Yet Another Kiss’; and now I’m presently putting the finishing touches to my first novel, a full-length romantic ghost story set in the Orkney Isles, and provisionally titled ‘The Cliffs of Hoy’.

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