Me, my writing, books and libraries.

Today, has been a good day.

Up early, ( Well, for me! ); did my stretches and such. Nice cuppa. Sketched out the basis of a new poem that was drifting through my head when I woke. Out to collect the ‘click and collect’, which included a nice bottle of Bailey’s ‘pour moi’! And a pleasant walk with the dogs in the sunshine.

This afternoon, I’ve spent some time tidying up my site – you may notice a couple of new pages added, in addition to this short piece of writing. I published my newest book recently, ‘And Yet Another Kiss’. Stories of ghosts and strange happenings. Do take a look – more description and links are on my ‘Current publications’ page.

So, sitting in my library, where I do most of my writing. In my comfortable recliner, cuppa usually to hand. Sitting amongst the shelves of books I’ve collected, and read, over the years stimulates my writing desires, and hopefully, skills. I used to think that, if I’d not become a teacher, I’d have enjoyed being a librarian. Just being in the presence of all those shelves and shelves of books always makes me feel good. I even love the scent of books. Although I must admit that my sister, who was a librarian, used to tell me that a good part of it consisted in back-breaking labour, re-stocking the shelves with all the returned books!

I do of course also have my Kindle, and use it for a lot of reading these days. But for me, there is still a certain sensuality to the feel of a real book, of cloth and board, in my hands. The textures, colours, scents, all just so wonderful!

Plus I do an awful lot of reading online now, as I think most of us do. Both for study purposes and to keep up with the news – usually pretty horrible! And also for some of my recreational reading. And I’ve even come to terms recently with audiobooks. so now I can multi-task and listen to a good book while driving, or doing my morning sit-ups, or cooking, or washing up. Probably not while vacuuming; that is never going to work. Unless maybe with headphones; or earphones – those little ones.

Anyway, time for my evening cup of tea; or Horlicks, or hot choccy. Good night to all. Or possibly Nus da.

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